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GoKeto Coffee 3 in 1 (10 sachet)

GoKeto Coffee 3 in 1 (10 sachet)

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Our flagship product. A must try!

Sold over 30,000 boxes in less than a year
Only 3grams of carbs per serving and less than 70 Calories
Sweetened by Japanese Stevia
Packed with 5g of MCT for maximum appetite suppression
Diabetic Friendly.
Yes you can use this even if you are not doing KETO

Our flagship products just keeps on dominating the market, Goketo 3 in 1 Coffee is the first and the best selling KETO friendly coffee in the Philippines. 
Most say that once they tasted our coffee, they can never go back to their old and overly sweet brand.

Start living healthy and give our crown and glory a try.
Live Healthy Live Longer!